William Booth – Founder of Salvation Army

William Booth

Soon after beginning his ministerial career in England in 1852, William Booth – Founder of Salvation Army, abandoned the concept of the traditional church pulpit in favor of taking the gospel of Jesus Christ directly to the people. Walking the streets of London, he preached to the poor, the homeless, the hungry, and the destitute.

When fellow clergymen disagreed with Booth’s unconventional approach, he and his wife Catherine withdrew from the church to train evangelists throughout England.

William Booth began The Salvation Army in 1865 as a means to help the suffering souls throughout London who were not willing to attend – or even welcomed into – a traditional church.

Thieves, prostitutes, gamblers, and drunkards were among his first converts to Christianity, and as his ministry grew, the Gospel of Jesus Christ was spread far and wide to the poor, the vulnerable, and the destitute.

William Booth – Founder of Salvation Army

Last week in church, we learned a bit about William Booth. He was an English Methodist preacher who founded The Salvation Army and became its first General. We need to be planting seeds, just as William Booth did.

Pastor Robb (Palmcroft Church) reminded us that when we go out, we need to Go Caring. And when we Go Caring, we should be carrying Seeds to Sow. The Gospel is the living Seed, therefore by reading and even memorizing the Scriptures daily, we carry the Seed inside of us. Our actions and demeanor are part of sowing seeds. We don’t even need to say a word. Just show the Love of Christ.

When we return home, we should come back Rejoicing and celebrating the harvest.

“If we are not seeing the Harvest, we need to take a look at ourselves and find out why. Are we not Seeding, not Caring, or not Going?”

William Booth was definitely a man that was Going, Seeding and Caring. The History of the Salvation Army is so heartfelt and full of compassion, as William met them on the same level, not preaching from a pulpit, but rubbing elbows with those who needed to hear about Christ the most. Sounds a lot like something Jesus would do.

William Booth

Though General Booth died in 1912, he laid a firm foundation for the lifesaving work that The Salvation Army continues to perform today in over 100 countries.

Watch this powerful video of one of William Booth’s Original Speeches.

I can definitely relate to William’s passion for the poor, the homeless, the hungry, and the destitute, as the Lord has placed that passion in my heart for them to hear the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

This is one of the many reasons why BymBags supports the Salvation Army and Rescue Missions, in order to help plant the seeds and watch God grow them!

BYM Bags

The Salvation Army and Rescue Missions often offer Christ-centered programs and services to help men, women, and children escape hunger and homelessness. They also offer Addiction Recovery, Emergency Services, Shelter, Domestic Violence Shelters, Solutions for Employment, and most of all they center it all around the love of Christ.

We include the address of the local rescue mission in each city that we hand out the BYM Bags. We want to plant seeds and lead people to the help they need with resources, meals, programs and even just a friendly face, and to be sure and let them know it’s BECAUSE YOU MATTER!

For each donation BYM Bags receives, we give 10%  to the Salvation Army and Rescue Missions around the country. God has blessed us with the opportunity to share BYM bags with the homeless and those in need, in Portland, OR – Phoenix, AZ – Arlington,TX – Las Vegas, NV – Chicago, IL – Holland, MI- Colorado Springs, CO – and San Diego, CA.

We appreciate your continued prayers and with helping us plant seeds and share the Love of Christ one BYM Bag at a time. We want everyone to know they matter to us, and most importantly they matter to God.


William Booth – Founder of Salvation Army

BYM Bags Because YOU Matter

Everyone needs to hear that God SO LOVED the world, He sent His Son, Jesus, to die on the Cross for us. There is JOY in knowing Him. He is here to be our comfort and Strength.

Psalm 34:17

The LORD hears his people when they call to Him for help. He rescues them from all their troubles.

Romans 10:13

“Everyone who calls on the name of the Lord will be saved.”

Because You Matter Bags – Helping the Helpless, Heart for the Homeless, and sharing the Love of Jesus – One BYM Bag at a time.

God takes what you plant and adds to it. He leads others to sow further seed or “water” the ground. Little by little, truth gets cultivated in their lives. What greater thing could you do?


William Booth – Founder of Salvation Army


As long as poverty, injustice & inequality persist, none of us can truly rest. It doesn’t take much to change a life, Get in touch today and start making the difference.


William Booth – Founder of the Salvation Army