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Making a Difference Rebecca Reilly Story

Rebecca Reilly’s Story – Greg and Rebecca have a heart for the homeless and those on the streets who are in search of hope, comfort and strength. We want to let them know that they matter. Everyone matters to the Lord and we want to get the Good News out there, that there is HOPE and COMFORT because God promises that to everyone.

Making a Difference Rebecca Reilly Story
Rebecca was approached in the parking lot by a person asking for spare change. She gave them a few quarters and said God Bless You!
Rebecca then realized she wished she would have said more than just that. It was the perfect opportunity to share the LOVE of Jesus with them and let them know that the matter more than they might think. But, not all of us are great at speaking one on one with people.
Rebecca went home and got out spare change and found a baggie to put it in, along with a tract that tells about the Love of Jesus and how they can learn more.
She also included the name and address of the local Rescue Mission for additional help, support and caring people. The homeless requested larger bags, as they tend to be more useful. So, now we hand out larger bags, and we can fit more items, such as a bottle of water, socks, hygiene kits, etc.
Making a Difference Rebecca Reilly Story

Making a Difference Rebecca Reilly Story

Because You Matter Bags – Helping the Helpless, Heart for the Homeless, and sharing the Love of Jesus – One BYM Bag at a time.

We want to let everyone know they matter to us and especially to Jesus. He died on the cross because they matter.

We have the opportunity –every single day–of sowing seeds into the lives of others, such as the homeless on the street, and even to our friends, co-workers, children, grandchildren, and yes, even strangers. God takes what you plant and adds to it. He leads others to sow further seed or “water” the ground. Little by little, truth gets cultivated in their lives. What greater thing could you do?


As long as poverty, injustice & inequality persist, none of us can truly rest. It doesn’t take much to change a life, Get in touch today and start making the difference.


Making a Difference Rebecca Reilly Story